What are the types of family law?

People wrongly think that family law is all about dealing with divorce cases. The function of family law is not just dealing with divorce cases but also other issues like adoption, child custody and paternity, and protection orders. If you need to talk to a divorce lawyer, click here. There are several family laws; learn more about daily law.

Family law about adoption cases

Family law helps you to adopt a child. It lays down the adoption procedure’s dos and don’ts and meets the requirements to adopt a child. A family law attorney makes sure that you get to know all the right procedures for adoption and helps you in feeling the paperwork that is required for adoption. 

Protection orders

Family law helps in safeguarding a person who is subjected to domestic violence. The family law issues orders that protect the victims of domestic violence. A victim can file a lawsuit, and the family law system will issue restraining orders to keep the abuser at a distance. If the aggressive person violates the law, they will be punished.

Child custody and paternity

This section has a close connection to divorce. Child custody helps a couple after the divorce. It sees the parents’ condition and decides who will have custody of the child. The matter of who will keep the child after divorce could be decided by mutual discussion, but if the parents cannot settle it amicably, then the family law intervenes. Factors like the child’s age, the mental health of the parents, the child’s needs, etc., are considered, and then the family court decides who is best suited for the child’s safety, and that parent is allowed to keep the child. 

Paternity is similar to child custody. If a father is willing to keep the child, he has to prove that he is fit for the child; this is called paternity. 


Last but not least, divorce. It is the field where family law is used the most. When two individuals decide that they cannot continue their marriage any longer, they decide to end terms legally. It is not as easy as it sounds; many factors must be considered, like the division of the assets, property, alimony, child custody, etc. A family lawyer practicing family law helps the coupled end their marriage and lead a life separately.