Sexual harassment in the workplace is more widespread than you might believe. It is likely that you know someone who has experienced or has been a victim of workplace sexual harassment, but you may not know it. 

There are a variety of distinct sorts of sexual harassment. “Sexual assault” encompasses a wide range of behaviors, not just physical contact. Verbal harassment is one of the most common forms of sexual harassment, and it can lead to job loss in some cases. Fortunately, if you have good legal representation, you can get your job back after being fired unfairly.

If you have suffered verbal sexual abuse, you can file a civil lawsuit on behalf of either yourself or someone you care about. Achieving success in this situation, no matter how difficult it may be, is a remarkable and rewarding accomplishment. It may also serve as a deterrent in the future. To help you through the process, get legal advice from a Paramus sexual harassment lawyer.

How can sexual abuse be verbalized?

As far as verbal sexual assault is concerned, this refers to using sexually explicit language to advance a victim’s sexual interests. Passive-aggressive comments regarding a person’s appearance or sexual habits are used as a kind of verbal sexual assault. For example, a perpetrator who threatens or sexually assaults a victim may be more vociferous in their attempts to gain power over the victim.

Here are a few examples of sexual harassment via words:

  • Sexually explicit or provocative comments or innuendos are prohibited.
  • Explicitly or provocatively sexual words
  • Requesting or requiring that you be accompanied on a date by someone else
  • Putting someone down in front of others is a form of public humiliation.
  • Critiquing someone’s physical appearance in a negative way
  • Abuse or disrespectful negative or discriminatory words and phrases
  • Calling someone a name or using sexually suggestive nicknames are examples of name-calling.
  • Lip-smacking and kissing sounds, for example, are sexual noises.
  • Emails with sexual content
  • Sexting
  • Pics, memes, and GIFS that are awkward
  • Threatening sexually

A victim of verbal sexual abuse may experience long-term effects. Victims may feel threatened, unwelcomed, or unwanted due to this. Victims of workplace verbal sexual abuse may see a drop in productivity, a reduction in pay, and a loss of career chances. Physical and sexual assault and verbal abuse can be a forerunner to other forms of abuse.