Common Medical Malpractices

Any type of negligence or deviation from the fundamental ethical terms of the medical practice can lead to malpractices. While some medical malpractices are intentional, others can result from an overlooked report, symptoms, or diagnosis. Some mishaps occur more frequently than others.

If you ever experience medical malpractice that has been performed on your or your close ones, contact a personal injury lawyer louisville ky, immediately and know your rights. You can either sue the doctor or the hospital where the violation happened. However, before taking action, talk to your lawyer, as they will guide you through the correct procedure and steps.

Common medical malpractices

  • Lack of treatment 

Lack of treatment or failure to give the patient the necessary treatment till the end is a common mistake many doctors make. This carelessness comes under medical malpractice, and the person suffering through it can claim compensation. Depending on the negligence, there can be various types of malpractices done; some of them are:

  1. Not giving proper instructions to the patient about post-treatment actions
  2. Not consider the patient’s medical history before prescribing any medication
  3. Missing out on a potential medical test
  4. Discharging the patient before the treatment has completed its course
  • Error in medical prescriptions 

An error in the medical prescription can be harmful to the patient in any way. From an allergic reaction to the death, it can have severe effects. In some cases, the ignorance of a pharmacist can result in the patient receiving the wrong medicine. If it is true, the pharmacist will have to face the consequences.

However, some drug-related errors could exist in the prescribed medicines. 

  1. Failing to provide the appropriate drugs related to the diagnosis
  2. Negligence is identifying potentially harmful drugs for the patient
  3. The dose prescribed is either too minor or too much; it should always be in the correct quantity
  4. Risking the patient’s health by not considering past or present signs of addiction, overdose, or abuse while prescribing medicine.
  • Surgical accidents

Whether it is a scheduled or emergency surgical case, if anything happens to the patient during the surgery because of the irresponsibility of the doctor, the mishap will cause them a lot.  Surgeons must prevent you from any further harm.

To make sure that there is no chance of any error, the doctors. Nurses and any other person involved in the surgery must ensure proper communication about the patient. Below are some surgical mishaps that should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Conducting the surgery on a wrong body part
  2. Improper use of anesthesia
  3. Surgical equipment was left inside the patient.