Know About RA Micro Terminalserver and why its best for law works

The RA-MICRO Terminalserver office software and DictaNet software workstations work on real or digital mobile, Windows PC or real Apple iMac Computer and Parallels. Windows 10 or 11 required, this should be kept update with the latest update status.

RA-MICRO Terminalserver will be released for Windows 11 in the first half of 2022. For Windows 11, a version of RA MICRO Terminalserver vCloud for Windows 11 and Windows Enterprise is required. This should be applied equally to all network operating systems software, ie a combination of Windows 10 and Windows 11 / Windows Enterprise hotline workstations is not allowed.

Windows 365 Cloud PCs modul, released at the end of autumn 2021, are highly recommended. These are made with virtualized Windows 10/11 Business PCs can be used as normal PCs. The advantage is that it can be used with any device enabled by the browser regardless of age, performance and operating system; Apple PCs, especially MacBooks with RA-MICRO can now be used without wasting time.

Another advantage is that it is not annoying and often VPN blocking connections should be installed in addition; access can be easily achieved through an Internet browser or a Microsoft RDP client. Cloud PCs can be used mixed with regular Windows 11 Office PCs. If a law firm is good on the Internet (eg Fiber optics or Starlink) connected, office data can remain in the office, or it can be uploaded to the Microsoft Azure Database in beA(Name of the electronic lawyer’s mailbox in Germany).

RA-MICRO vOffice Login Cloud empowers information German representatives to take advantage of this opportunity to launch a new Windows 365 with full support; installation of ready-to-use RA-MICRO Online voffice software on single RA-MICRO Online workstations (including RA-MICRO 1). For cost calculations see the RA-MICRO Online vOffice Login Cloud 2022 configurator.

Since disk update storage patch should always be used for SSD drives, the production advantage over HDD drives is huge. 128 GB of single workspace email is standard, in a single workspace data not only for storing small files, 256 GB is recommended in the future, as file alternative data volumes are growing rapidly.

Main memory 4 GB RAM is sufficient, 8 GB is commonly used in RA-MICRO Cloud operating systems. More than 8 GB of RAM memory at work does not bring any productivity benefits. The lawyer’s portable computer must be 16 GB in order to, for example, have the option of locating Dragon speech in place.

According to all the tests in recent years, Problem Defender Online virus protection integrated within Windows 10/11 remains at the forefront of detection performance. They urgently advise against the use of other online virus scanners on Computer operating stations, an important part of the daily support of RA-MICRO focuses on performance disruptions caused by such unusual installations. As a rule, this does not increase safety, but the risk of operational disruption. An increase in the number of door locks on an office door usually does not increase the security of a burglary. There is nothing wrong with offline scanners, which can also be used to scan a website and system from time to time.

Microsoft Office should be installed in the latest version, preferably Office 365. RA-MICRO Online software is updated and tested with the latest versions of Windows and Office, – any bugs that occur in older versions of the Office can only be supported to a limited extent.

As an Internet browser on the job, we recommend the most current generation – the most secure – with the Chromium operating system, especially Google Chrome or Microsoft Office Edge or Opera.

Microsoft terminal server workstations

It is possible to emulate operating systems on a Windows server device with Microsoft Terminal Server technology, so that, like a cloud PC, the Microsoft RDP Client can be accessed from any storage device no matter where it is. The terminal server can be used for all office applications (internal and external) or added to the local PC network to allow external access to individual workplaces. The difficulty of configuring the terminal server is unpredictable user load as well as shared constraint, as well as unstable performance when the number of users changes.

In fact, the sixth law of 8 terminal server app came from the most powerful server device possible – but very large IT terminal server systems can also be built with a high level of technical effort, especially multiprocessor systems. Here the cost of installing a server can add tens of thousands of euros with higher administrative tracking costs – because the more complex a server, the higher the administrative support requirement.