Disputes and legal complications – important points to remember

People have a natural tendency to be social and associated with each other. Emotional, social, and professional associations are common in all cultures between people of the same background. Connections forged can be matrimonial, social, commercial, or friendly, depending on the parties involved.

All the different types of relationships forged by people will have some sort of monetary or commercial aspect to them. When all is well, then people will be on good terms. But when one thing or the other goes wrong, issues are created in the relationship, which can lead to huge legal battles if commercial transactions were involved.

To be on the safer side of the game, it is best to take assistance from avocat droit familial Litvack Dessureault LLP who can resolve legal cases in the best possible time frame with the desired output. Some of the most commonly seen disputes between individuals that demand legal intervention are:

  • Divorce petitions
  • Succession cases
  • Estate disputes

The most common dispute arising between two individuals is that of failed matrimony. Unlike in old times where marriage was meant for a lifetime, in modern times people are left with enough choices to decide with whom and how they should be spending their precious time. So if a marriage does not work out, you can always file for a legal separation, called divorce, and move ahead with your own life.

A divorce petition is easy if both the parties involved are in mutual agreement about the arrangements of a divorce. This is called a mutual divorce petition, or easy divorce. For a mutual divorce, all the parties involved should be in complete agreement regarding all the aspects of the post-divorce arrangements. This involves child custody and welfare, property and assets partition, and all the other related aspects.

Similarly, people fall out of valuable relations when there are complex Wills and partition agreements in succession. The inheritance laws are already really complex and a complicated inheritance agreement can add to further disputes.

The partition of estates and assets is normally done after the existing owner is deceased or there are other family issues involved. When there is more than one person involved in the succession of an estate or property, disputes are most likely.

Disputes can also arise from different owners of a company when the company is being split or there is a change in ownership. This too can sometimes lead to legal interventions.

To conclude, you must take legal advice from reputed law firms to be on the safe side of a legal battle.