What the law Dictates as harassment in the workplace

Employees require good working conditions to feel comfortable and thus increase productivity. Some employers may exploit their employees, leading to low productivity. Nevertheless, some workers may fail to differentiate what is harassment and what is not. Besides, some beliefs exist that workers have more rights than the actual percentage. Thus, workers may constantly accuse their employers of harassment. Besides, no worker enjoyed condemnation for breaking the rules or poor performance. To help you identify what harassment is, keep scrolling down to find the law dictates harassment.

Forms of harassment at work

For harassment to be considered unlawful, it must create a hostile surrounding for the complainant. 

The forms of harassment an employee can experience according to the law include the following;

Employers’ failure and ignorance to address reported cases of harassment at the workplace.

If you report harassment incidence to your employer and they fail to address it and stop further exploitation, then that can be considered harassment. Employers should be responsible for their employees’ welfare and put measures to protect them. 

Physical Harassment

Physical harassment at work involves various activities, including recurrent threats, physical assault, damaging personal belonging, and improper touching. Also, the LGBTQIA+ community and the gender minorities mostly tend to face this harassment. Nevertheless, people subjecting others to physical assault tend to sugarcoat some harassment into jokes. It is critical to note that as much as this might not cause physical harm, it is classified as one as long as it creates a hostile environment for the other party. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an atrocious and the most common offense in the workplace. This harassment may occur to anyone, irrespective of their gender. Sexual harassment has many degrees, including comments like vulgar signs, unwanted touching, and asking for sexual demands or favors. Again, sexual harassment may consist of sending pornographic videos, pictures, or messages. Unfortunately, most victims at work fail to report this harassment primarily for fear of losing their jobs. Likewise, men also fail to report sexual harassment as they consider it shameful. One of the ways you can get help as a sexual assault victim is by acquiring a sexual harassment lawyer who will help you file a case against your offender. 

Verbal harassment

Verbal harassment involves a destruction battle threatening the career and health of an employee. The degrees of verbal destruction include ridicules and unwarranted criticisms, slurs, and offensive gestures. However, verbal harassment can sometimes be challenging to identify. Thus it would be best if you were vigilant to notice them. Verbal harassment is also not limited to insults like undesired taunting and body shaming.

In conclusion, all employers should protect their employees from harassment. Sexual harassment raises concern since it is the most common form of harassment. If you experience any form of sexual assault, you should immediately seek help from a professional sexual harassment attorney to avoid further damage. Besides, it would be best not to shy away from getting help irrespective of your gender.