What are the Attributes of a DUI Lawyer?

The demand for a good DUI is also surging with the increase in accident cases due to drunk driving. A DUI lawyer is extremely talented and can do wonders in finding loopholes in a drunk and driven case and save their clients. They are dedicated to working for their clients and saving them from high compensation demands and long-term punishments. But during a crisis, people often get overwhelmed as so many DUI lawyers can choose from. This blog has narrowed down three precise attributes you should have while looking for a DUI lawyer. Keeping a close look at the following factors will make it very easy to find a good Hawaii DUI Lawyer in a short period. 

Investigation skills

When looking for a good DUI lawyer, you must run a background check on their investigation skills. Look for someone with a large team, like a reputed law firm. Afterward, you can head to their websites and check for client testimonials. Also, ask people from your circle if they have been in such a case and do they have any lawyer in mind who is good at fighting DUI cases. But if you do not want to disclose that you have been caught driving under the influence and want to keep it ‘hush-hush,’ then Google, Facebook, and other preferred social media networks will save you as they flood you with referrals. 


The next thing you need to get cleared is that what is their experience in dealing with DUI cases. There might be instances where the lawyer you are thinking of hiring has a vast experience in motorcycle accident cases, and, recently, they are dealing with DUI cases. Do not opt for them. Find someone exclusively dealing with driving under influence cases and has been helping clients in DUI cases for a long period. 

Communication skills

Once you have gone through the process of finding someone with vast experience and good investigation skills, set an appointment with them. Tell them about your situation and see how good of a listener they are. Also, evaluate if you understand what they are trying to convey. If a lawyer has an excellent track record, but you cannot understand what they are saying, back out. Settling for someone you do not understand clearly might make you feel ill at ease throughout your case.