Sustaining Neck and Back Injuries in a Philadelphia, PA Car Accident: How Much Compensation Can You Get?

A car accident can seriously injure any part of your body. As your body deals with significant force and impact, you could suffer from a broken bone, damaged organ, and muscle injuries. Back and neck injuries are common in this type of accident because of the violent motions your body is subjected to during a crash. However, these injuries can be catastrophic and result in repercussions like paralysis, limited mobility, pain, and stiffness. If you sustained an injury to your back or neck, you must contact Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys to know the steps you must take when pursuing financial compensation for your injuries.

Back and Neck Injuries Commonly Sustained in a Car Accident

Whiplash is a common neck injury that victims of car accidents may sustain. It can be suffered even in a low-impact crash. Any injury to the neck and back can lead to serious pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and a temporarily disability. Other neck and back injuries that can be suffered in a crash include vertebrae fractures, soft tissue damage, muscle sprains and strains, paralysis, spinal stenosis, and severed spinal cord.

After a crash, you must seek immediate medical care because you could be at risk of a back or neck injury. A medical checkup is a must even if you do not feel any pain. The adrenaline from the crash could mask your symptoms. A medical exam could help diagnose an injury and ensure you get prompt treatment.

Average Settlements for Neck and Back Injuries

Settlements for vehicle crashes vary by case. Every outcome is different based on the victim, the crash, and the extent of the injuries suffered. Thus, it can be hard to determine the average back and neck injury settlement. However, your personal injury attorney can come up with an estimate of your claim based on the particulars of your case. They will evaluate the value of the damages you sustained including medical costs, lost wages, property damage as well as pain and suffering. 

Because neck and back injuries can be catastrophic, the amount of settlement you could get for them can go into the millions. In general, minor neck and back injuries can end up in settlements that can range from $10, 000 to $100, 000. To get an accurate estimate of your claim’s value, consult with a lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney has done this many times before, which means they know what to factor in when making estimations.