A personal injury case can be complicated, regardless of whether you were involved in an accident, slip, and fall, or have been the victim of medical malpractice. If you are interested in receiving your personal injury benefits, there are steps to follow when filing an injury claim.

The first step in filing an injury claim in California is to hire a personal injury lawyer. Although it may seem daunting to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney, your case will be handled faster and more efficiently if you have a lawyer by your side.

Tenina Law provides guidance on how to file a personal injury case. We also guide you through the steps of filing an injury claim. You’ll also be guided by our attorneys on how injury claims work, how you can settle your case, and how long it takes to get your compensation.


The first step to filing a personal injury claim is to find personal injury lawyers after you have received medical attention. To make sure you have all the documentation and evidence you need, it is even better to contact an attorney immediately after your accident.

Many lawyers will offer a free consultation. This will give you valuable information about what to do after an accident. They will evaluate your case and offer you options for how to proceed with the injury claim process.

Noting that many personal injury lawyers in California work on a contingent fee mean they only get paid if the case is successful. There are also no upfront fees. An attorney can be a quick solution to your frustrating problem. An attorney will take care of all the paperwork and scheduling for your personal injury case, so you can focus on healing from your injury.


There are two options for settling your California injury case: an informal settlement or a formal settlement. A formal settlement, in short, is a decision in civil court in which your attorney will prove negligence by the defendant that caused your injury.

A settlement informal is reached outside of court by negotiations between the parties, your attorney, and the insurers. If you and your lawyer don’t reach an agreement on the amount of compensation offered by the defendant, negotiations and counteroffers may be possible. This is common in personal injury cases.

A formal settlement is more time-consuming than an informal one. A formal settlement is when the other side refuses to come to a monetary agreement. The case must be settled in court which can take longer depending on the court schedule. A settlement may take longer depending on how severe your injuries are. To reach a settlement for your claim, you should wait until you have all of your medical bills together. This will allow you and your lawyer to determine the appropriate amount of compensation.

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