Here’s why a DIY divorce is a bad idea!

Utah is among the states that allow for no-fault divorces. You don’t have to wash dirty linen in public to end your marriage. If you and your spouse can resolve key issues, getting divorced doesn’t have to be hard. While you can initiate the proceedings on your own, working with a Salt Lake City divorce attorney can be beneficial in many ways. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of DIY divorce and how a lawyer can help. 

Pros of DIY divorce

  1. It’s cheaper. When you don’t need to pay an attorney, getting divorced on your own would be a lot cheaper. You just need to pay the court fee. 
  2. Proceed at your pace. You can choose to file for divorce at your convenience and take time to complete the paperwork. 

The cons of DIY divorce

  1. You won’t have legal advice. If your spouse is not cooperative about the divorce, going the DIY way could be a bad idea. Legal counsel is paramount in such circumstances. 
  2. Mistakes can be expensive. Legal paperwork is often complicated, and any mistake in the divorce papers could have serious consequences. 
  3. Your divorce may take longer. If you don’t manage to resolve issues with your spouse, your DIY divorce can take a lot more time. 
  4. Mediation would be hard. When warring spouses are not on talking terms, attorneys can step in to negotiate key aspects. In a DIY divorce, you are on your own for everything. 
  5. No help for child custody battles. You need an attorney when it comes to fighting for child custody. Circumstances may vary, but do not make a decision without a lawyer. 

The need for a divorce lawyer

Utah divorce laws are simple, but in the real world, getting divorced can be a time-consuming affair. An attorney can offer the legal support and help you need, and more importantly, they can help mediate and fix things with your spouse. The idea is to minimize the time required for the divorce by deciding on agreeable terms. If you have custody issues or need alimony, an attorney can fight for your rights. Lawyers can also help with protective orders and fight a matter related to domestic violence. 

DIY divorce may sound cheap, but you cannot replace the expertise of an attorney. Protecting your interests even in a mutual divorce is important. Talk to a local lawyer in Salt Lake City today.