Four Reasons You Should Hire a Stockton Attorney When You File a Wrongful Death Claim

If you lost a family member because of somebody else’s negligence, you should file a wrongful death claim against them. The claim can help your family recover suitable compensation for your loss. Although you can file a claim on your own, you have a limited chance of success if you go through the process without sound legal help. The legal process is complex and you may face different hurdles along the way. Because of this, you should consider hiring a Stockton wrongful death attorney to assist you. The following are the reasons you need an attorney on your side:

You Are Still Grieving the Tragic Loss

There are various kinds of damage claims. While some involve minimal emotional stress, wrongful death claims are the opposite. You have to file a claim while grieving a loved one’s death. This can be overwhelming and can put you under significant stress. Thankfully, you can minimize the stress by allowing a lawyer to prepare and file a claim for you.

You Have No Idea How Much Your Claim is Worth

Unless you know your claim’s maximum value, the at-fault party or their insurer may give you a lower settlement. You will not know if you are getting a good offer or not unless you consult with a lawyer. An experienced wrongful death lawyer will take into account the factors of your case and give you a ballpark estimate of the settlement you can demand from the other party. With this knowledge in mind, you can negotiate a fair settlement with the utmost confidence. 

You Need Assistance with the Legal Process

In California, you have two years to file a wrongful death claim. When you file a claim, you should meet the related deadlines, prove the elements of negligence, and collect evidence to support your claim. When you go through the process on your own, you could only waste time and energy. A great lawyer knows the process well and can file a claim within the deadline.

Your Case May End Up in Court

Some wrongful death claims do not get settled outside of court. If the negligent party or their insurer rejects your claim or makes a lowball offer, you may not have another option but to take your case to trial. In this case, you will need the expertise of an attorney who can represent you and fight for your rights. As the other party tries to do everything to deny accountability for your loved one’s death, they may hire a team of attorneys. Thus, you can level the playing field if you have solid legal representation.