Being accused or about to face criminal charges, can take an immense amount of stress. A criminal case brings with it a lot of far-reaching impacts which go beyond the legal handling of the case. Whenever you realize that you might face criminal charges, you should reach out to Alberta legal. It is always better to know when can a criminal lawyer help you. We have listed different types of criminal cases below.

Facing Charges

If you are under investigation for any crime, you must have a criminal defence lawyer on a retainer. Having a lawyer by your side will make the investigation process easier. They will guide you through the process and help you in preventing incrimination of any kind. They will be there with you from the beginning of the investigation process till the very end.

Sexual Assault

Sexual offences are complicated and so are the laws associated with them. The lawyers will have an in-depth understanding of the laws about it and the rules which are essential for the defence. Having experienced lawyers will ensure the successful defence of sexual assault. The lawyers will work to find an outcome which you deserve.

Drug Charges

When you have been charged for possession, production or trafficking of drugs, then you need to reach out to a criminal lawyer. Such cases are extremely serious and are accompanied by lengthy sentences. If drug charges are being pressed against you, then you shouldn’t leave your freedom up to chance.


Having assault charges against you can be highly life-changing. Assault cases are highly technical and the resolution is dependent from case to case. The lawyers at Alberta Legal are highly experienced in handling such cases.

Domestic Abuse

Fines, a lengthy sentence and potentially losing contact with family or custody rights permanently are just some of the things that are associated with domestic abuse charges. The charges can have a long term impact on the person. You might end up losing contact with some of your loved family members. It can be easily prevented when you have the correct legal help.

Fraud and Theft

Out of all the white-collar crimes, fraud is the most common one. When you are facing fraud charges, it can derail your life in unimaginable ways. You might end up facing fines or even face a sentence. An experienced lawyer will help you to protect your freedom.

Bail Hearings

It is not always easy to get bail. A bail hearing needs to be handled the right way and extreme care. This is essential as it is what will enable you or your loved one to be released from jail while awaiting trial or staying in holding until the court date. The experienced lawyer will handle all the negotiations regarding the bail.


Abduction, forcible confinement or kidnapping-related charges are some of the most serious. When you are facing such a charge, you need strategic defence. It can only be provided by lawyers who have experience and knowledge about handling such cases.